Agensi Pekerjaan Nala Sdn Bhd Vacancies Head of Nusing - Bukit Indah,JB - Pregnancy Care Center

Agensi Pekerjaan Nala Sdn Bhd is looking for new potential candidates to fill in for Head of Nusing - Bukit Indah,JB - Pregnancy Care Center position. If you currently looking for new healthcare job opportunities and qualified with the job desc, feel free to apply this job.

Job Description

Pregnancy Care Center --- [ Head of Nusing ]
Salary:RM4000 - RM7000(Dep on exp)
Working Hours:1pm - 10pm
Working Days:6 days
Working Location:JB, Bukit Indah
*Have a medical degree
*Have hospital nurses and gynecological delivery experience / baby care experience
*Have nurse education and work knowledge, need to give baby or mother an injection
Job description:
  • 1、According to the work of the center, the work plan of the nursing department is formulated and implemented, summarized and reported regularly, and is responsible for long-term care planning.
  • 2、Use modern management theories to manage nursing quality, guide and evaluate nursing work, and focus on the nursing effect for guests.
  • 3、Responsible for publicizing and implementing various rules and regulations.
  • 4、Supervise and inspect the nursing director to implement various procedures to strictly prevent errors and accidents. Once they occur, correct them in time and make records.
  • 5、Educate and train nurses to love the nursing profession, maintain elegant behavior and good style, care about their thoughts, work, study and life, fully mobilize the subjective initiative of nurses, and continuously improve the overall quality of the team of nurses.
  • 6、Responsible for the scheduling of nurses, optimize the combination of nursing force, and implement the post responsibility system.
  • 7、Monitor the implementation of nurses’ missionary work at any time
  • 8、Check the nurse on duty every morning to take a bath, clean the scalp, swim, stroke, and light the aroma lamps / Environmental conditions,check the feeding, hiccups, and abdominal banding of the night nurse
  • 9、Check each team leader to complete a week's work plan every week.
  • 10、Responsible for accompanying pediatric experts to conduct weekly check-ups, and timely and comprehensively grasp the guest's puerperium recovery.
  • 11、Check the nursing documents every month, and promptly propose effective preventive measures when problems are found.
  • 12、Responsible for reviewing the customer record forms of the center.
  • 13、Regularly organize meetings of the head of the nursing team to feed back information, analyze and summarize nursing work, and continuously improve the level of nursing management.
  • 14、Coordinate the working relationship between nursing staff and clients, conduct effective communication, obtain timely support and cooperation, and promptly solicit the opinions of clients on nursing staff.
  • 15、Strengthen disinfection and isolation measures, such as indoor ultraviolet air disinfection, slippers disinfectant spray disinfection and hand cleaning and disinfection to prevent infection in the center
  • 16、Participate in the emergency response work command, conduct on-site organization and business guidance for major incidents, and report to the store manager in time.
  • 17、Responsible for organizing nurses to take theoretical exams, qualification exams, regularization exams, star exams, etc.
  • 18、Provide opinions on the rewards and punishments, promotion, promotion, appointment, dismissal and transfer of nurses.
  • 19、Count, summarize and archive the examination results of nurses.
  • 20、Review the opinions of each nursing group on the use of nursing appliances, and contact the relevant departments to discuss solutions.
  • 21、Organize and lead the promotion of new nursing technology, pay attention to the collection, analysis and utilization of information, and promote the development of the nursing profession in the center.
  • 22、Close contact with the Ministry of Industry and Health, Marketing, Administration, Housing Affairs, and Food and Beverage Department to strengthen communication, coordination, and cooperation to promote the smooth development of the center's work.
  • 23、Strictly implement the confidentiality system of the center, do not arbitrarily interfere with the individual guests, and ensure that the guests are respected during the nursing process.
  • 24、Lead by example, keep pace with the times
  • 25、Establish a central case template and formulate a self-study plan regularly
  • 26、Complete temporary tasks assigned by superiors.

Company Overview

At Agensi Pekerjaan Nala, we are not just your recruitment partner. We go through stringent selection in finding the best candidates who suit your organization the best. Agensi Pekerjaan Nala provides both foreign and local recruitment in Manufacturing Sector and Services Sector.

Our Vision and Mission
Agensi Pekerjaan Nala aim to be your best partner in recruitment. We are looking at a long term relationship but not one-off engagement. We share our recruitment knowledge, we identify your needs.

How To Apply

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