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Beacon Hospital Sdn Bhd is looking for new potential candidates to fill in for Medical Physicist position. If you currently looking for new healthcare job opportunities and qualified with the job desc, feel free to apply this job.

Job Description

  • Responsible for maintenance and quality assurance of all radiation dosimetry standards and radiotherapy equipment  including responsibilities for the calibration of dosimeters, implementation of dosimetry protocols, measurement of the characteristics of all treatment beams and the provision of dosimetry data for clinical treatment.
  • To work closely with the radiotherapists and radiographers to ensure effective treatment planning and delivery of all modalities of radiotherapy by providing expertise on clinical dose distributions for individual patients, treatment simulation and verification, calculations and dose   measurements for individual patients including in stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy procedures.
  • Responsible for the handling of Brachytherapy sources.
  • Verification of provision and maintenance of safety features including checks on interlocks and barriers designed to restrict access to controlled areas.
  • Testing for leakage of radioactive material from sources used for brachytherapy.
  • Assessment of radiation safety hazards and the preparation of contingency plans for such events such as fire in an area where radioactive sources are stored or used or in the event of lost sources.
  • Environmental radiation monitoring of equipment and room shielding.
  • To provide advice on the planning of new installations so that statutory regulations pertaining to radiation shielding is complied with including advice on equipment specification and performance.
  • Responsible for  commissioning of new radiotherapy equipment before it can be used clinically.
  • Responsible for the provision of comprehensive Quality Assurance (QA) programs to ensure the correct and safe functioning of all treatment and treatment planning units and simulators.
  • Responsible that effective maintenance   arrangement is implemented for all radiation emitting and radiation calibration equipment.
  • To ensure sufficient knowledge in terms of radiation protection and radiation safety.
  • To maintain the confidentiality of all medical records.
  • To exercise courtesy at all times.
  • To perform any other duties as may be assigned by the Chief Medical Physicist/ Medical Director/Management.

Company Overview

In Malaysia, at the forefront of this exciting revolution and advances in the detection and treatment of cancer is Beacon Hospital. From our humble beginnings in 2005, Beacon Hospital has over the years evolved to become a Cancer Specialist Hospital with a singular vision to combat cancers with advanced therapies and facilities.
Beacon has in fact been one of the pioneer in the field of Cancer management in two senses: one, in being completely focused on this healthcare discipline, and two, being the installed site of the Halcyon in Malaysia.
Beacon is a medium-sized boutique hospital equipped with 100 beds and a comprehensive team managed by fully, proficient and experienced healthcare professionals with more than 15 years of experience individually. This plays a critical role in ensuring the quality of treatment delivered often exceeding industry standards.
As living and medical costs continue to escalate in Malaysia, Beacon Hospital believes that medical care and treatment should not burden citizens, especially those of us who are unwell and unable to seek the best in medical care. Therefore, at Beacon Hospital, we take every measure to keep the cost of medical care reasonable to allow more people to seek good diagnosis and treatment.
Furthermore, our success in the establishing and managing our first Cancer Excellence Centre, has inspired us to develop seven other specialty centres, namely the Brain and Spine, Bone and Joint, Eye, Men’s Health and Urology, Women’s Health, Health Screening and Research centres. These specialty centres are anchored by several medical specialists who have more than 20 years of individual experience, with many recognised as thought leaders in their own right, both nationally and internationally.
At Beacon Hospital, we strongly believe in driving advancement in both medical treatment and technologies so that we can always remain a step ahead in the battle against cancer and other life-threatening diseases. We have taken the lead in this regard by conducting and participating in active research and in clinical trials.
Beacon Hospital has come a long way from our small beginnings but today, we continue to remain true to our vision of committing to providing our best healthcare for everyone in the country and region.

How To Apply

If you confident and feel that this job is suitable to you, go ahead take your action now.
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