HSC Medical Center (KL) Sdn Bhd Vacancies Senior Staff Nurse (with Post Basic-Ortho/OT/Critical Care)

HSC Medical Center (KL) Sdn Bhd is looking for new potential candidates to fill in for Senior Staff Nurse (with Post Basic-Ortho/OT/Critical Care) position. If you currently looking for new healthcare job opportunities and qualified with the job desc, feel free to apply this job.

Job Description

Your key responsibilities will include but not be limited to direct comprehensive care for patients as assigned. This includes supportive care, collaboration with other healthcare providers / services and navigating the total care of patients from admission till discharge. Nurse shall demonstrate professional and evidence – based practices.
Direct Comprehensive Care
Applies an integration of nursing theory, experience, evidence –based practices and practical knowledge in providing holistic care for patients and their families, visitors as assigned.
  • Conducts a thorough nursing assessment of patient’s physical, psychosocial, cultural and spiritual needs by completing a patient history and physical examination
  • Enquire and identify patient’s medication history, document & collect any patient’s own medication (POM), show to primary doctor and have the POM medication verified by pharmacist before continuing or not to continue POM as per hospital protocol.
  • Assess / Identify patient at risk of fall and implement fall prevention care.
  • Formulates and implements a holistic plan of nursing care that is communicated and clarified with the patient / family.
  • Document all planned and implemented focused care in nursing forms provided.
  • Interprets and organizes sequencing of diagnostic tests and procedures when nursing judgment and expertise is required
  • Demonstrates “hands on” clinical skills specific to an area of practice and other job assignments as required.
  • Provides care that demonstrated sensitivity to client diversity and incorporates appropriate cultural practices
  • Evaluates patient responses to interventions in order to determine progress toward achieving expected outcomes. Modifies nursing plan of care accordingly.
  • Provides a comprehensive report when transferring accountability of a patient’s care to another nurse and / or facility
  • Documents / dictates patient history, physical examination data, nursing care plan and interventions and the patient’s responses in patient record in a timely manner in accordance with nursing standard operating procedures (SOP)
Supportive Care
Provides holistic nursing care to meet the emotional, psychological, informational, spiritual and practical needs of patients throughout the spectrum of nursing care.
  • Establishes a caring and therapeutic relationship with patients demonstrating trust, respect and honesty
  • Demonstrates excellent communication skills during all phases of therapeutic relationship
  • Creates an environment of support by listening attentively and offering support and confidentiality
  • Demonstrates the ability of “being there” for the patient throughout their illness experience by acknowledging the patient’s reality and encouraging hope.
  • Assists the patient to identify psychosocial needs and concerns and offers appropriate resources through information provision, education and referral
  • Demonstrates counseling skills in assisting patient and family with coping mechanisms throughout the continuum of care from diagnosis to bereavement.
Navigating the System of Care
Navigation is used to denote a professional role intended primarily to expedite access to services and resources and to improve continuity and coordination of care throughout the care continuum. The staff nurse acts as a proactive guide to help patients navigating the complex maze of medical treatment and care. The staff nurse empowers the patient and family by providing information and education to facilitate decision making in order to enhance the patient’s choice of the best alternatives of care tailored to their individual needs.
  • Understands the impact of the disease experience and strategies when and how to best guide the patient and family throughout the medical treatment. The staff nurse will assess the patient’s needs, establish a therapeutic relationship and teach, counsel and support the individual and family through the continuum of care.
  • Develops a collaborative partnership with the patient and family that is respectful of their needs, whishes, knowledge, experience, values and beliefs.
  • Knowledgeable about the resources provided by any disease program in the hospital.
  • Follows the process of patient  education which consists of assessment of need; statement of learning need; development of learning objectives with patient; implementation of teaching and evaluation of learning
  • Provides health counseling, navigation through treatment and interpretations of written as well as media / web based patient resources.
  • Plans, delivers and evaluates education directly or on a consultative basis for individual and or groups of patients with the same disease and their families in partnership with the interdisciplinary team
  • Applies evidence based practice in the development of teaching tools / programs
  • Advocates for the patient and family by mobilizing appropriate resources tailored to the individual patient’s care in a timely fashion. Identifies gaps in service and addresses them.
  • Organises the interdisciplinary plan of care with other services and team members as required to facilitate the seamless movement of the patient through the healthcare system
  • Translates medical language and procedures for the patient and family by using language that is appropriate to the patient.
Professional Practice
Nurses are accountable for their own decision-making and actions and maintaining competence to facilitate the best possible outcomes for patients.
  • • Participates in professional and specialty nursing organizations
  • • Supports development of and participates in clinical relevant project work
  • • Advocates for and supports the development, implementation and evaluation of quality improvement initiatives (Policy & procedures changes, standards, protocols, clinical pathways and medical directives)
  • • Engages in self-appraisal by being proactive and innovative in meeting own learning needs based on patient population and changes in practice
  • • Performs reflective practice,  which includes the required capacities of self-awareness, self-knowledge, empathy, awareness of boundaries and maximum scope of the professional role
  • • Engages in reflective practice by maintaining knowledge and skills that will enhance / advance her / his  professional nursing practice
  • • Role models for excellent nursing practice through demonstration of expertise.
  • • Acts as a resource to individuals and groups within hospital and community agencies to improve care and nursing practice
  • • Acts as a preceptor or mentor to staff / students providing them written or verbal feedback as necessary
  • • Recognises ethical dilemmas and works through them using resources and logical approach
  • • Demonstrates ethical behavior (ie. honesty, integrity)
  • • Recognises when own values and beliefs conflict with the patient’s and is able to demonstrate conflict resolution skills.
Collaborative Practice
In collaborative practice, the staff nurse and doctor share in the care of the patient through a complementary relationship which is based on shared decision- making and joint problem solving. Both the nurse and doctor utilize their skills and expertise to work in partnership with allied health professionals to provide holistic care to patient and family members.
  • • Demonstrates and understanding of the scope of practice as a nurse to ensure sound knowledge of role clarity, authority and accountability
  • • Utilizes strong communication and interpersonal skills to facilitate mutual agreement and acceptance of responsibilities within scope of practice about shared care distribution of activities
  • • Facilitates cost effective care through complementary but non-duplicating roles in collaborative practice
  • • Ensures the opportunity for the patient and the members of the interdisciplinary patient care team to participate collaboratively in the planning, implementation and evaluation of comprehensive patient care
  • • Provides leadership and coordination in telephone practice to patients, family members and community healthcare professionals as needed.
  • • Demonstrates strong communication skills to work in partnership with the doctor to promote trusting and respectful professional relationship
  • • Demonstrates conflict resolution skills by taking action to resolve conflict and develops innovative solutions to practice issues in partnership with doctor and other members of the interdisciplinary team
  • • Demonstrates the ability to prioritise and evaluate learning and development of the individual nurse and doctor to promote team function and the best possible outcome for the patient.
Evidence – Based Practice (EBP)
EBP is the conscientious use of current best evidence from health care research in making decisions about the health care of patients. The nurse participates in evidence-based practice in order to facilitate the best possible outcomes for patients.
  • Demonstrates knowledge relevant to her / his professional practice by providing theoretical or scientific physiological and or psychosocial rationale.
  • Applies his / her current knowledge base and critical thinking skills to comprehensively  identify knowledge gaps and practice issues which demonstrates an understanding of and engagement in the following five steps of EBP
  • • Demonstrates an ability to formulate an answerable question, which is clinically relevant selects and executes a rigorous search strategy to identify the best quantitative and qualitative evidence
  • Critically appraises the strength of the research evidence for its validity and relevance to clinical practice and the patient population
  • Disseminates his/ her findings to the primary team(s), integrating the evidence with his/ her clinical expertise and the patient’s unique values and circumstances as appropriate
  • Evaluates effectiveness of intervention in attaining the desired patient outcomes
  • Participates in nursing research initiatives.
Assisting Ward Management Duties
  • Assist ward nursing management team in some managerial work like roster and staffing needs for smooth running of the unit.
  • Assist in Risk and Quality activities of the unit to enhance controls
  • Assist in guiding and mentoring the junior nurses including students
  • Carry out any other duties deemed appropriate by superiors.
  • Candidate must possess at least a Diploma/Bachelor's Degree in Nursing 
  • Must have Post Basic either PB in Orthopaedic / Peri-Operative / Critical Care Nursing
  • Willing to work shift hours (preferably 12 hours per shift : 4 days working, 3 days off)
  • Must have the updated Annual Practicing Certificate (APC)
  • At least 5 year(s) of working experience in Medical/Surgical Ward / OT / ICU / HDU department is required for this position.
  • Able to adapt and flexible to changes within the organization
  • Able to work in minimal supervision
  • A good team player, a detailed and result oriented person.
  • Applicants must be willing to work in Jalan Ampang.
  • Good communication in English and Bahasa Malaysia
  • Full-Time position(s) available

Company Overview

Formerly known as HSC Medical Center, ALTY Orthopaedic Hospital was recently rebranded to reflect the growth and transformation of our hospital, a joint effort between TE Asia Healthcare and our founding group of established Orthopaedic Surgeons, as we pursue our dream of making this the orthopaedic hospital of choice.
In the last decade, HSC Medical Center has offered trustworthy patient-centric care for local and international patients, primarily in cardiac care and health screening. Building upon this, ALTY or “Adding Life to Years” will now provide focused care for Orthopaedic and Musculoskeletal conditions supported by other medical specialties. Health screening will continue to be a key service of ALTY, branded as HSC Health Screening.
At ALTY, we take pride in creating an environment where some of the most essential elements - value, ethics, expectations, goals and task management – come together to create a positive and productive ambiance where our employees can make a mark on their performance.
On top of prioritising a healthy work-life balance, we ensure all our employees are recognized as key drivers and the ambassadors of the company. Staying true to that, we encourage employee engagement through all-year round social activities to shape a well-rounded working experience for our employees.

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