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Vision College is looking for new potential candidates to fill in for Sonographer Trainee position. If you currently looking for new healthcare job opportunities and qualified with the job desc, feel free to apply this job.

Job Description

Would you be interested to explore a flourishing and lucrative career as a Sonography Expert?

Vision College is seeking bright graduates of Medical, Healthcare or Biomedical related majors, who are keen to upgrade themselves with knowledge and skills in Medical Ultrasound. If you're looking for an additional expertise and professional qualification for an extra edge, this might be a suitable path for you. You won't have to compete over jobs that everyone (even non graduates) can apply for.

Sonographer-Trainee Programme

Shortlisted candidates shall undergo a 1-year Medical Ultrasonography academic programme training at Vision College under scholarship (which includes a 5-year employment bond contract). Expect this 12 months of being a Sonographer-Trainee to be the starting chapter of your future as an ultrasound expert! Upon successful completion of the programme, you shall receive an additional Advanced Diploma in Medical Ultrasonography qualification, which is MQA-approved. You would be a qualified Sonographer with the experience of over 500 ultrasound scans. Hospitals and diagnostic institutions around the country will be after the valuable sonography skills and knowledge that you have acquired. 

How do I get employed after completing the programme under scholarship?

While undergoing the Medical Ultrasonography programme, future employers may request to discuss with you about a potential employment upon your completion of studies. As agreement from all parties have been reached, your future employers shall sign over your bond duration. You may also opt to apply for Sonographer tutors/trainers or Ultrasound Application Specialists positions. Vision shall guarantee you a job position at the salary rate:

RM2500 to RM3300 (if bonded)

RM3500 to RM4000 (if not bonded)

NOTE: Candidates will not be paid any wages/allowances during the period of studies/training/internship. Allowances is only available via the Bumiputra financial support scheme.

This fully-sponsored programme is consists of three parts:

1. Part 1 – Clinical Training

2. Part 2 – Examinations 

3. Part 3 – Internship at a partner hospital/clinic/medical institution (for Graduate Diploma candidates only)

Sonographers are continuously increasing in demand. Hospitals and institutions around the world are constantly in shortage of manpower with sonography knowledge/skills. Vision College can include you in this manpower pool, and also link you up with these hospitals. Over the years, some of our Medical Ultrasonography graduates have started practising their professions abroad in Singapore, Australia and the UK. If you find this too good to be true, we encourage you to consult your friends and relatives in the healthcare industry to find out more about the Sonography profession. You may also look for job advertisements to have an idea of how much is being offered for a position as as sonographer. 


• Candidate is required to be a holder of a Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in :

1. Medical Sciences/Technology;

2. Diagnostic Sciences/Technology (Medical Imaging/ Radiographer);

3. Medicine or Medical Studies;

4. Nursing/Midwifery;

5. Microbiology;

6. Biotechnology or Biosciences

7. Biomedical Science or Technology;

8. Biology or Biological studies;

9. Bio Chemistry;

10. Nutrition or Dietetics management;

11. or any other equivalent disciplines in Healthcare or Health Sciences 

• Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply

• Required language proficiency : English

• Malaysian nationality

• Required to have strong knowledge in Human Anatomy and Human Physiology

What values do we seek in you?

• Good communication skills and positive thinking

• Persistent and do not quit easily

• Ability to cope with stress and department coverage, including weekly task

• Ability to work in a fast paced, dynamic environment

• Ability to assess results, problem solve, and use independent judgment

• Good academic record - unlikely to fail during studies or unable to complete programme

• Good health and mental condition

Why is this offer unique?

• Vision College is the only institution in the country offering Medical Ultrasonography programmes, which are recognized by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA )

• Hospitals, clinics and diagnostic institutions from Malaysia and Singapore will constantly contact Vision College to interview our Sonographer Trainees. 

• Successful candidates will get not just a scholarship to obtain an additional academic qualification in Medical Ultrasonography, but also a job employment/contract for 5 years, with annual increment guaranteed.

• Financial assistance and bumiputra loan schemes available for approved candidates who prefers to avoid 5-year bond 

If you are keen, please do not hesitate to click the “Apply” button to request for an interview.

Company Overview

Established in 2005, Vision College provides quality education and training in several business and healthcare programmes such as Medical Ultrasonography, Medical Imaging, Physiotherapy, Opticianry, Nursing and other general programmes. Also operating businesses in health-screening, physiotherapy and optician services, Vision is well-equiped with world class facilities and is a suitable institution for practical attachments. Vision College has put in place the knowledge, capabilities and resources to produce highly employable graduates that are capable of competing in both Malaysian and international arenas. Due to our expansion we are now seeking for the qualified candidates for the certain positions.

How To Apply

If you confident and feel that this job is suitable to you, go ahead take your action now.
Hope you find your dream hospital job in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya.
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