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Oriental Wellcare Group Sdn. Bhd. is looking for new potential candidates to fill in for Sports Trainer position. If you currently looking for new healthcare job opportunities and qualified with the job desc, feel free to apply this job.

Job Description

We provide chances for Malaysian National athletes to continue their passion in sports through the second carrier. We are looking for a Sports Trainer; a recognized professional who demonstrates advanced competencies in the promotion of safe physical activity participation, provision of advice, and adaptation of rehabilitation and training interventions, to prevent injury, restoring optimal function, and contributing to the enhancement of sports performance, in athletes of all ages and abilities, while ensuring a high standard of professional and ethical practice. Our Sports Trainer will work in the elite athlete individual athletes or teams setting in competitive and professional sports and integrating with other medical professionals, coaches, strength and conditioning personnel and other support staff. 
  • Athlete or Sportsperson representing the state (SUKMA) or national (Malaysia) team.
  • Have experienced participating in athletic events and competitive sports including State (SUKMA) or National Level, according to established rules and regulations
  • Minimum 1 year of relevant working experience in training athletes especially national athletes.
  • Have a passion to practice continual professional development and should be striving to better their abilities, just like athletes do.
  • Self-motivated, hardworking and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve goals
  • Possess physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, and stretching knowledge
  • Good communication skills command of English Language.
Roles of Sports Trainer: 
1. Manager of client/patient:· Injury PreventionAssess the risk of injury associated with the participation in a specific sport or physical activity, inform and train athletes, coaches and other members of the multidisciplinary team in such a way that there is a reduction in occurrence and recurrence of specific injuries.· Acute InterventionRespond appropriately to an acute injury or illness in various contexts, such as training or competition· RehabilitationUtilize clinical reasoning and therapeutic skills to assess and diagnose sports-related injuries. Design, implement, evaluate and modify evidence-based interventions that aim for a safe return to the athlete's optimal level of performance in their specific sport or physical activity 
2. Performance Enhancement:Contribute to the enhancement of the athlete's performance through evaluation of the athlete's physical and performance-related profile and advise or intervene to optimize performance in a specific sport, within a multidisciplinary team approach 
3. Advisor:· Promotion of a Safe, Active LifestyleCompetent in working together with other professionals in the multidisciplinary team environment to promote safe participation in sports and physical activity for individuals of all abilities. Provide evidence-based advice regarding the optimal activity or sport for a specific individual as well as advice on the ways to minimize the risk of injury and promote health.· Promotion of Fair Play and Anti-Doping PracticesParticipate and promote safe, professional and ethical sporting practices. Strongly advocate for fair play and their duty of care for the athlete. 
4. Professional Leader:· Life-Long LearningMaintain and improve their clinical standards by critical, reflective and evidence-based approaches to practice. Engage in a continual process of learning and teaching throughout their career and collaborate actively with other professionals.· Professionalism andCompetent in the of time, resources and personnel, promote and facilitate professional development and excellence. 
5. Innovator:· Research InvolvementInform and evaluate practice in relation to new information. Identify questions for further study and invest and involve in research that addresses these questions at various levels.· Dissemination of Best PracticeDisseminate new information and research to other professionals within the multidisciplinary team set-up through different media such as team communications, conferences, special interest groups, research collaborations, meetings as well as published material such as reports, journals promotional documents, newsletters and the internet.· Extending Practice through InnovationEncourage and promote the application and integration of new knowledge and innovation within the multidisciplinary team practice and decision-making processes and also influence further research and innovation directions. 
Important Qualities:
  • Being professional
  • Good personal qualities
  • Being accessible
  • Good communication skills
  • Have an interest in the athletes that they are working with
  • Being open-minded with regards to athletes' ideas regarding their and the use of other practitioners
Working hours:Monday to Sunday 8:00 to 21:00; Actual working hour is 8 hours per day (1-hour break)Day off: eight days off monthly* Must work either on Saturday or Sunday Insurance:Private medical insurance Employee Benefits:
  • Annual leave =8 days, Sick Leave = 14 days, Maternity Leave = 2 months
  • Statutory benefits & contributions on EPF, SOCSO, PCB
  • Allowance / Travel allowance, Parking fee
  • New employee training
  • OMOTENASHI (hospitality) training
 Background for recruitment:Looking for people that would like to develop Japanese style medical care in together withus in Malaysia Fascinating things about this job:
  • We are aiming to provide service to our patient comfortably which is the backbone of Japanese style medical service.
  • Able to learn Japanese hospitality while being in Malaysia
 Motivation for the job:
  • Becoming helpful to our patient through the job can lead to one’s personal growth
  • Learn Japanese medical system and Japanese hospitality
 Ability and Experience:
  • Possess a pleasant personality, excellent interpersonal and communication skill, self motivates, positive attitudes, passionate, willing to improve job skills and learn new things and able to work in a team.
  • We are looking for highly motivated to join us and someone who has interest in Japanese

Company Overview

Mission & Vision
We will give our full commitment to utilise the innovative remote medical services and the spirit of hospitality to ensure everyone have the accessibility of borderless Japanese medical services across the region.
  • We aspire to be undisputable Asia Leader in medical services with excellent customer satisfaction
  • We embrace OMOTENASHI concept in providing our services wholeheartedly
  • We strive to provide beyond expectation customer services at every of your visit
  • We will provide peace of mind primary care services for age group ranging from new born to elderly
  • We train our staff to have Japanese hospitality spirit in providing their services
  • We encourage continuous learning to ensure everyone have the opportunity in long term self development as well the future growth for the company
  • We value all our workforce and everyone is the property for the company
  • We will participate and contribute to the development of a more safety and healthier society through our business model
  • We desire to provide our remote medical services across the country and area in the entire Asia region

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