Spinal Align Vacancies Traditional Medicine Practitioner/ Physical Therapist

Spinal Align is looking for new potential candidates to fill in for Traditional Medicine Practitioner/ Physical Therapist position. If you currently looking for new healthcare job opportunities and qualified with the job desc, feel free to apply this job.

Job Description











1、 有一定沟通能力,人品素质好,脚踏实地

2、 有爱心;有耐心; 有理想,有抱负,有诚信,有孝心

3、 热爱工作

4、 想做一名真正解决病人痛苦的上医

5、 想找一个真正好的平台发展者

6、 具有中医扎实的理论知识,有从事推拿,临床工作2年以上

7、 中医或相关专业毕业,如有助理医师资质证照为佳;

8、 可接受应届毕业生

9、 善于用文字总结、提炼中医、推拿项目整合





We are a spine carding center. Currently we are under development, we are now looking for ambitious Traditional physicians/Physical Therapist to join us and develop our business

Job Responsibilities

1. Receiving daily outpatient medical work, receiving patients, and providing guidance services throughout the patient's treatment process

2. Provide customers with health consultation and basic diagnosis and treatment services according to the company's service process;

3. Establish and maintain the customer's health profile, and keep the customer's health profile and other information strictly confidential;

4. Instruct customers to conduct effective self-management of chronic diseases, and conduct health promotion and lectures from time to time;

5. Health tracking of employees with chronic or high-risk diseases;

6. Daily operation management.


1. Have certain communication skills, passionate

2. Patience, ideals, aspirations, and integrity

3. Want to be a doctor who really solves the pain of patients

4. Want to find a really good platform developer

5. Have a solid theoretical knowledge of medicine, have engaged in massage and clinical work for more than 2 years

6. Graduated from traditional medicine or related majors, preferably with assistant doctor qualification certificate;

8. Accept fresh graduates

9. Good in summarizing in words, refining medicine, and integrating physical projects


1. Monthly salary + commission

2. The company provides good boarding and lodging conditions; generous benefits

3. A stable and promising promotion mechanism, where everyone has promotion, everyone has a platform, and everyone has development

Company Overview

Spinal Align Centre一个脊柱梳理中心,它为那些生活方式或行为不健康的人提供骨对齐服务,这些人会导致严重的症状,例如脖子僵硬,肩膀或背部疼痛,手脚发麻,坐骨神经痛,椎间盘突出,不均匀 腿长等等。 我们的使命是帮助人们保持脊柱健康,以提供更好和更健康的生活,并且愿景是成为健康与保健行业的先驱。 而且,Spinal Align Centre的原则是认真,精确和遵守诺言的。 因此,我们在治疗过程中始终积极进取并专注于为客户提供最佳体验。

Spinal Cording Physiotherapy

脊柱健康新理念 瘦身养生新方法

力生物学新应用 物理疗法新突破

No Medicine, No Injections, No Surgery.

不吃药, 不打针, 不开刀

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